British blues guitarist Mick Clarke - Sweden Rock Festival 2018
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19 July 2019
Karlshamn Baltic Festival

British blues guitarist Mick Clarke at Karlshamn Baltic Festival, Sweden

Just back from the Ostersjofestivalen - the Karlshamn Baltic Festival over on the east coast of Sweden, where the whole town goes nuts for a few days every year and every inch of it is filled with parties, funfairs, bands and carnival. Phew - having fun is hard work.

We played in the main square at 11 pm, following a nationally known pop band who did a great job - something like a cross between Queen and Wham.. We will, We will.. Rock You! Yes they certainly did so we had a tough act to follow. However we had our own audience of night birds who assembled before us and gave us a great reception - some of them possibly encouraged to the venue by the short video ad I made for them on arrival at the hotel..(note to self: always wear sunglasses when being videoed after being awake since 5 am.. not a pretty sight)..

Anyway the band of brothers Chris Sharley, Eddie Masters and Dave Lennox boogied our way through a 90 minute set and everyone was happy - we had a ball. Many thanks to Conny Nilsson for inviting us to Karlshamn and for looking after us so well, and to Ingolf Persson for putting it all together. We will rock you!

7 June 2018
Sweden Rock Festival

British blues guitarist Mick Clarke

We were honoured to be asked to appear at Sweden Rock Festival 2018 - one of Europe's largest rock festivals, featuring this year Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest.

Halfway through our show none other than Iron Maiden opened up on another stage a few hundred yards away - what's that?! However, our set progressed and by the time we reached the end, night had fallen and our crowd had solidified into a hard core blues rock audience, who were giving us a terrific response. After encoring with "Still Be Mine" - a new song from the "Bent Frets" album, I told them that I was truly moved that they had stuck around to watch us, rather than the metal legends on the other stage. I was, and I thank them again for their support.

After our show we were able to go and watch the last part of Iron Maiden's set, and the following day I was able to tell their drummer, Nicko, that we had stolen a few hundred of their 35,000 audience for an hour. He was very nice about it.

Thanks to Ingolf and all at Sweden Rock Festival for their terrific enthusiasm and total professionalism, right from the beginning of our talks through to the time we flew home. Thanks again to the superb Chris Sharley and rock solid "Mac" McDonald. And of course to our video operator and, as it was once put to me "the good heart of the band" Linda.

22 July 2017
Mostar Blues and Rock Festival - Bosnia-Herzegovina

British blues guitarist Mick Clarke - Anja Zebic Photography

Just back from the Mostar Blues and Rock Festival in Bosnia-Herzegovina - we had a terrific night playing to the people of this fantastic city on the Neretva River. Many thanks to my great band Vlada Migric on drums and Marko Nikolic on bass. Thanks also to Dragan Nikitovic at Joybringer Concerts and to Mili and all the crew at Mostar Blues and Rock for their excellent organisation and tremendous hospitality. A special thanks to our driver and new friend Amer. "Playing for Peace - Bringing the Love".

25 & 26 October 2014
Simply The Blues Festival, Mumbai and Bangalore, India

British blues guitarist Mick Clarke at Simply The Blues, Mumbai, India - October 2014 Photo by Alvito Falcon

India, apparently, is some distance from Surrey. However, flying out by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul turned out to be a better experience than expected - I was happy to see that they'd been voted the world's best airline this year. Certainly the food and service was good and there was an excellent entertainment centre provided for each seat, including music with.. a blues selection! Enjoying Robert Johnson and a glass of whisky while 39,000 feet over Iran was a surreal experience.

Mumbai turned out to be warm but not unpleasantly so. Anyway we didn't experience much of the outdoors, being met by our promoter Anil and whisked off in air conditioned comfort to our five star Sofitel hotel. The following night we played at the St Andrews Auditorium in Bandra, Mumbai and it was a lot of fun. The next morning we flew down Bangalore for our date at the Toit Brewhouse.. again a good time was had by all.

Many thanks to our promoter Anil Mehta of Starkonnect in Mumbai for his professional organisation and great generosity. Our love and best wishes to Joyce.

Thanks also to Alvito Falcon for some great photos, and to all the crews, drivers and hotel staff who were unfailingly helpful and friendly throughout the trip.

A personal thanks to Chris Sharley and Eddie Masters - fine musicians and total professionals. I'm not worthy. And last but not least to my plectrum roadie Linda for always rising to the challenge - still my rock'n'roll girl.

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